Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Task wont start, i've entered the code but nothing happens?
A: Check if you closed all brackets. If you forgot to close at least one, nothing will happen.

Q: It says that my task definition is incomplete. What does this mean?
A: There are multiple things that could be wrong if you see this error. Here is a short checklist to help you find the problem:

  1. Are you using "in" as a parameter in a deftask? In older versions of Cuneiform this results in an error, though it is no longer a problem in newer versions. Check this, just to be sure.
  2. Are you using nested compound lists? Constructs like "deftask dummy2(out : [[a b] [c d]] e)" are not allowed, best practice is to use another dummy task to simulate this behavior (see the tutorial for more information).
  3. If you are using a language different from Cuneiform, are you sure you opened the task body with "*{" and closed it with "}*"?
  4. If none of the other solutions applied to you, are you sure you've written a complete task definition?

Q:It says the task has been finished, but the ouput looks like nothing I expected...
A: Tricky. If the output looks somewhat close to this structure:

INFO  Query ff02bb94-ec6b-43d2-bdc5-f57aa47d31a8 finished: [1]apply( task: \( out : task inp( File ) )in bash *{
}* inp: copy )
Then the problem might be that one of your parameters could not be resolved. In this particular case the task was promised an input value named "copy", but such a variable does not exists, it's named "cpy". So check the names of your variables again to see if you had a simple typo or confused some names.
The same goes for the task names, are the task names you call the actual names used in the task definitions?